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Eindhoven-based capcap... cap blends new wave, postrock and triphop into one. In drawn-out compositions, the listener is taken on an audiovisual trip, supported by dark synths, driving drums repetitive guitarlines and layered vocals. Think Sonic Youth, Portishead, The Sound, Interpol. The band released several EP's and debut-album 'Sonder' will follow in october 2016.

Late 2010 capcap... cap took its current form. The first official feat was self-released on april 5, 2012. EP 'Resonance' contains 4 songs which define the band's new sound. Recorded in the rehearsal space and provided with their own graphic design it represented all the different faces of the band. EP held in hand, the band now aimed at their stagepresence. They played throughout the Netherlands, including the Magneetfestival Amsterdam and venues in Breda, Tilburg, Nijmegen and Helmond.

In their hometown Eindhoven, capcap... cap played the PopEi-venue several times. They also were the closing act of the Club3voor12/Ehv clubnight, where they introduced their new live-visuals. These interactive visuals respond directly to the music and add an extra dimension to the performance, creating an intense mix of sound and images.

On october 24th 2013 'Shards', the bands second EP, saw the light of day. These five songs were released on vinyl in november the same year. Previous to the EP, the bands first single with videoclip, Crosses, was released. In december 2013 the bands second single, Deja Vu, was released through Vice's music channel Noisey.

In spring 2014 remix-EP 'Woven' was released, featuring remixes by A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm, amongst others. Besides remixes of their songs, capcap... cap went into the Supernova Studio with Bob de Wit (Radar Men From The Moon, White Hills) to record a cover of The Sound's 'I Can't Escape Myself'. In the meanwhile they played Stukafest Eindhoven and Tilburg with a special 'silent band'-show, in which the band played only electr(on)ic instruments and could only be heard through headphones.

Later on in 2014, capcap... cap was part of the Popronde-festival. 9 gigs were played for this festival, mostly in the larger venues including Vera Groningen, Ekko, 013, W2 and Luxor Live. They also played the Incubate-festival during the Barreuh!-labelnight. This all led to playing Interpol's aftershow in the Heineken Music Hall, january 2015.

After an intense period of writing new material and playing several one-off shows, including one during the Young Art Night at the Van Abbemuseum on april 11th 2015, the band finally headed into the Supernova Studios in april 2016 to record debutalbum 'Sonder' with producer Bob de Wit. Along with re-recorded and mixed debut-EP 'Resonance', the album will be self-released in the fall of 2016.

2016 Sonder
2014 Remix-EP Woven
2013 EP Shards
2012 EP Resonance

Single-release Deja Vu through musicblog Noisey
Popronde 2014 (a.o. Vera, EKKO, 013, W2, Luxor Live)
Aftershow Interpol 23/01/2015 (HMH, Amsterdam)
Incubate 2014 (Tilburg)
Albumpresentation 24/09/2016 (Altstadt Eindhoven)

RifRaf on EP 'Shards': "The songs sound matured enough to move people live. Intriguing EP with potential for growth." 3voor12/Eindhoven on EP 'Shards': "A convincing and clever EP. This next step is an attractive and mysterious trip to the subconcious, one the band can take pride in."

3voor12/Tilburg on the Incubate-show: "the sultry vocals of singer Lydia Roos and dark bass-sounds take you into a trippy dreamworld. The smoke machine and interactive visuals that respond to the music are the 'finishing touch' of this mysterious entirety. With The Sound's 'I Can't Escape Myself'-cover as cherry on the cake."

3voor12/Eindhoven on 'silent band'-show Stukafest Eindhoven: "In this dark and intimate setting capcap... cap comes up to its promise. The atmosphere and music combine seemlessly. (...) The sound enters in a different way, causing everyone to pay close attention and get carried away by the visuals. Has capcap... cap found their niche here? The experiment can be viewed as a success."

3voor12/Eindhoven on EP-releaseshow 'Shards': "During 'Limbus' a nice symbiosis between audio and video arises, when the electronic drums are traded in for acoustic. On a real drumkit. The instruments are switched regularly which provides a rich sound and variation."

3voor12/Eindhoven on EP-releaseshow 'Resonance': "The down-to-earth visuals create a dark atmosphere with a sexy twist. With which they fit perfectly in the - new - sound of capcap... cap. (...) The ambient and constricting songs with a guitarburst every now and then get the audience completely quiet for the first time this evening."

3voor12/Eindhoven on EP 'Resonance': "capcap... cap's strength lies in the repetitive and hypnotizing effect which gives 'Resonance' a certainly not everyday sound. It's captivating how the tension is built repeatedly. The band brings a new sound, definitely within the Eindhoven musicscene.

LiveXS on EP 'Resonance': "Resonance is much more than a promising taste from the Eindhoven Rockcity-band. Last One Out, for example, is a beautiful song that you can't get out of your head. capcap... cap knows how to create tension in a song."

Licht op Eindhoven on EP 'Resonance': "If we'd have to compare them to a band, we'd say: The xx. And they're no worse."

3voor12/Tilburg on supportshow Aestrid: "The varied, mostly 80's wave-inspired songs are a treat on their own, but the band understands that a liveshow often benefits from an extra element that also stimulates the visual senses, and the visuals projected on the background are far beyond mediocre on that point. The bandmembers' presentations are more coy, shoegazey - a posture which gives the audience all the space it needs to surrender to the sounds, imagery and dreamings this sensoric information requires. A very sympathetic start of the evening."